At PMPT we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality personal training coupled with affordable prices.

Fitness is our passion and we truly believe this should be reflected in our commitment to allowing people from all walks of life to fulfil their potential.

We promise to give you our 100% undivided attention and get you to where you want to be in the most efficient, effective and enjoyable way possible...on one condition....

You promise to give us 100% of your trust and commitment and put in the hard work, sweat and sacrifice required to succeed.


There are no two ways about it, starting out on a new fitness venture, can be a daunting prospect. But there is no reason why it shouldn't be an enjoyable challenge! We will guide you through with progressive programming, the best training methods both old and new, and the latest nutritional advice to make your journey as fun and painless as possible.


Whatever your goal, your overall health is of paramount importance. Which is why we will focus on increasing flexibility, correcting posture and muscular imbalances, making positive life choices and working on injury prevention. All the time keeping your main goal in mind, whether that be gaining strength, dropping your body fat, or completely transforming your body composition.


We are currently using multiple facilities and outdoor venues to provide you with as much variety and flexibility with sessions as possible.
Indoor or "gym" sessions are based at PRFRM Brighton. PRFRM is a great small group and private fitness facility based in Portslade. The staff are excellent, equipment wise we have everything you need and the atmosphere is awesome. We couldn't ask for a better place to be and once you have had a session with us you will no doubt have the same view.
If gym based training is not your thing, we also run outdoor sessions at a private outdoor training area at Sea Lanes Brighton along Madeira Drive. Here we have all of the same equipment you would find at an indoor venue but with the fresh air and incredible views of the South Coast.
If neither of these options sound like they're for you, no problem. We also offer sessions in Hove Recreation Ground, Vale Park or your very own home using equipment such as Dynabands, Medicine Balls, Dumbbells, Boxing/thai boxing pads and gloves. Being in such an awesome location we also have some of the very best outdoor terrain going to test you to your limits!
Rain or shine we can cater to you!


Paul has been personal training since 2009 where he started part time alongside a full time office job. At this time he was using the local parks and seafront terrain to train his clients, focusing on bodyweight and minimal equipment functional training.
After leaving his full time office job and travelling around India and Asia in 2014 he decided it was time to turn his passion and hobby into his career.
He started by joining the Underground Gym team, splitting his time between being a gym instructor and personal training. Running HIIT classes and soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible from some of the awesome team there, he soon built his client base and went on to become a full time personal trainer.
After leaving Underground Gym in mid 2020 he now runs classes, small group sessions and personal training sessions at multiple venues around Sussex.
He is a keen sportsman and Brighton and Hove Albion fan and enjoys boxing, playing football and attending games in his (very limited!) spare time.
You'll often find him walking his dog Lana and may even have the pleasure of meeting her as a regular helper during outdoor sessions!