Ramblings of an isolated PT #1

So we're a few days into isolation, I'm not big on social media but I'm trying to keep a business running and I have clients to look after, so naturally I'm on social media a bit more and one big thing I've noticed is that there is A LOT of freaking the f#$k out going on!

It seems a lot of people have forgotten that there are other things to do still. All of a sudden I'm seeing 3/4, even 5 separate workouts posted a day...because they're bodyweight sessions or they've constructed a barbell by nailing together parts of their bed frame and the dog and it's just not heavy enough and you may no longer be able to get away with calling yourself Lady MacBuff on Twitter and AAAAH!!

It's cool, take a sec. Let's actually try to evaluate the importance/implications of keeping your usual lifting routine during this next few weeks.

Here's a few things to consider:

1. Life is still happening around you!

Don't take this the wrong way, your fitness and mental well-being is massively important and if you are in the position to keep your normal routine then by all means, do. But try not to focus on it any more than normal! Your friends and family need you as much now, if not more than they ever have. Make time for them and use this as an opportunity to focus on some other things!

Reach out to people you haven't checked on in a while, learn a new skill, find a quiet place and go for a long walk, maybe RELAX!!

Times like this will not happen often. If you've come out of this with boulder shoulders but you don't know where your Nan is, you've done it wrong.

2. You won't evaporate overnight.

Generally speaking, muscle mass starts to drop with somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks of INACTIVITY. Most of us will not be inactive during this time. One bodyweight session or a few weeks lifting lighter weights with a well put together programme will be more than sufficient in allowing you to maintain your current leve